Ahí vamos

So I am about 16 weeks and feeling much better. This pregnancy has been so different than the last. I am gaining weight which tells you that I am not nearly as sick as I was with Sofie. I did not have to get a zofran pump to give constant nausea medicine. Yay! Sofie is saying that I have a baby in my belly and that she has her brother or sister in her belly. I think she is a little confused. She is really turned into a sweet princess girly girl. She likes the princesses and frequently asks Jeff to act out the Beast from Beauty and the Beast, her favorite so far. Don't get me wrong, she still enjoys star wars and transformers. She is still daddy's girl after all.


Nuevos familiares

Well I was surprised to learn that I am pregnant. I found out officially on December 1st but I could feel it. I felt nauseous and am still feeling that way! Hopefully it won't be as bad as last time. Much prayers needed.


Que linda

My first shot at making Sofie a dress. She looks cute in it.


Que grande crecen

A very generous, loving friend of ours recently donated a dollhouse to Sofie. This dollhouse came with a little family and some cute furniture. The dollhouse was much bigger than what I expected and I just knew that Sofie would love it. Well, we got it on Sunday and she has not stopped playing with it. I am so glad that she has a real dollhouse. Now she will most likely stop using Jeff's Millenium Falcon as a dollhouse. I hope. But I do want to thank the special little girl who found it in her heart to give my little angel this cherished gift. I know that it might of been a little hard for her to give it up but her act of kindness will inspire Sofie one day to do the same. Thank you little one for being a blessing to my Sofie. We love you all very much.


Ya era tiempo

Well it is about time that I update. I can't believe I waited so long. Sofie is really talking now. She is understanding a lot more Spanish and she can speak a few words. She is also enjoying pretend play. She loves playing in her kitchens and pretending to wear makeup. Yesterday I caught her putting on some of my lipstick. She had it all over her and the mirror. I know that I probably should of gotten pictures but I was more concerned about the mess. Jeff made a montage of photos using one true media. Hope you enjoy the pictures of our blessed family.


Dia de las brujas

We had a blast last night for Halloween! Sofie did very well. There was about 11 in our group when we went trick-or-treating. We had a big group. This month has been awesome. I turned 28. Which is OK because older means wiser, right?

Jeff bought me a sectional for my birthday. Yes, you read that right, brand new furniture.

I also started making hairbows for Sofie. I taught myself how using youtube. I also made her trick or treat sack out of felt to resemble a candy corn. It turned out very cute. I had to sew by hand so it took me a while. If you know of anyone getting rid of one, I could give it a good home.


Ya era tiempo...

Well, I know, it's about time. Where do I start? Sofie has been growing up so fast. Jeff has been teaching her strange things. But you might have imagined that already. One of the things she can do is make the Transformers noise. While I was holding her one day she just started making this "kkkkkkkk" sound. I just couldn't think of what it was until the next day when Jeff asked her, what does a Transformer say? She repeated the noise over and over. I just laughed because I know she is a daddy's girl. She is a little strong willed, which reminds me of me but as for everything else she is just like him. She is also a little picky about what she eats. It sounds hard to believe at 25 pounds but we have a hard time getting her to eat at most meals. We recently bought her the perfect costume for Halloween. Her Nana's and my favorite Halloween candy, candy corn. She is short and sweet! She loves wearing it and she looks adorable. I can no longer buy her infant clothes. Looks like we will be moving up to the toddler section in a couple more months! We did okay during the hurricane. We lost our fence, so now everyone that drives on Pasadena Blvd. can see into our backyard. We also lost a few shingles and some siding. We are still waiting for an insurance adjustor...ha. I felt very blessed because we got power two days after the storm. I was able to house all of my family members. At one point the most people we had living here was 14 people. I was very sad to see my sisters leave. It had been about five years since we all slept under the same roof. Kinda cool. I am pretty sure though that Jeff was not at all sad but relieved. It's amazing how much you can learn about someone once they "stay" with you for awhile. 14 days to be exact. But we love them no matter what. Did anyone eat one of those MRE things? Jeff seemed to like it. My baby sister Erica had her little baby girl, Evelyn Irene Aleman, on 9/16/08. She weighed 7lbs. 4oz. That was only 6ozs. more than Sofie! It was fun when they stayed with us. It made me realize that I can't wait to have another little baby in the house. I think it would be alot easier this time...except for the pregnancy. That might be the same.

En el mar, la vida es mas sabrosa

1st Birthday

Jeff's 30th